Technical specifications

  • Appellation

    Vermouth DRY
    Comune di Castiglione di Sicilia e Randazzo (CT)

  • Altitude

    750 -1.050 m. (2250 – 3.440 feet) above sea level

  • Terroir

    black soil, deep porous volcanic ash soil with traces of sand, very rich in minerals

  • Exposure

    North - North-East

  • Plant density

    6-8000 vines per hectare

  • Training system

    Alberello & Spalliera




  • White

    Carricante, Cataratto, Inzolia, Greganico, Minella – my field blend

  • Red

    Nerello Mascalese

  • Vinification

    The alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation were both carried out in stainless steel tanks. The wine, red and white separately, was racked and finally left to rest.

    Alcohol derived from wine is added to the specific batch to reach 16% Vol. Then organic cane sugar (50% brown, 50% white) is added, and lastly the specific infusion (Dry, Rosso, Bianco) is added to each individual batch. The infusion consists of Alc. 50% Vol., water and organic herbs and spices, and takes around 15 days to prepare. The main herb ingredient is Artemisia absinthium.
    DRY is made from 100% white wine.

  • Bottled

    June 2021

  • Alcohol

    17% Vol.

  • Sugar content

    40 gr./l for BIANCO

  • Production Volume

    N° 786 btg. (0,75l.) BIANCO