Limited Edition

Small batch from carefully selected Aglaea wine


- Made exclusively with Tenuta di Aglaea´s wine

- Only natural flavors

- Great in cocktails

- Exquisite on their own


When shaking cocktails is a matter of pride!


AGLAEA VERMOUTH DRY: Pale elderflower yellow in the glass. Enchanting notes of ginger – a touch of acacia, and muscat, and newly cut grass stimulates the olfactory senses upon your first scent. Predominant notes of grapefruit charm the pallet along with lemon rind, notes of acacia honey and herbs. A balanced combination of laurel, rosemary and citrus makes a perfect finish.


AGLAEA VERMOUTH BIANCO: Acacia light yellow in the glass. The nose opens up with a scent of laurel, elderflower and a hint of orange rind and saffron. On the pallet sweet citrus plays the grand orchestra along with spicy notes of cumin and turmeric, and hints of fennel and cardamom. An excellent cleansing touch of lime rounds it all up perfectly.


AGLAEA VERMOUTH ROSSO: Dry strawberry red in the glass. One is met by a mesmerizing smell of sage, cinnamon sticks, anise and sweet-sour cherry. A swirl of the glass and another deep breath and the Rosso reveals scents of rose petals and a pink rose in bloom. The Rosso showcases a wonderful flavor combination of citrus, red figs, cherry and sour apple on the pallet. Spicy components of anise and clove adds structure and edge to the fruit components, and a well-composed tannin and red grapefruit-acidity seal of the spectacular show.